Anayah Roots Levi: new album is coming

She's been in silence a while, but this time she coming in a way there she not limit herself at all it can only be better and better. A trip into the highest! Smooth chanting and love music. Herbal Meditation!


With her own unique way of singing with chanting and warm love a song from the angels singing for sure, Anayah Roots Levi stories about to come up and believe in yourself and keep your dreams in a world of confusion to raise your energy higher. Not let be conquered by the Babylon system. To stay free in your spirit and that we are ONE! Chants and singing to come back to our roots.


We a glad to anounce that a new reggae roots album with Good over Evil is coming. Anayah Roots Levi is back again, so stay tunned reggae lovers!


For bookings and management info@goodoverevilprod.com


anayah roots levi

anayah roots levi

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